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Explore an underestimated destination

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Belgrade’s belly button

Built in 1953 Nikola Pašić square (Trg Nikole Pašića) is the Serbian capital's youngest town square, realized with extensive construction...

The first bridge of love

On pretty much every single more or less important bridge on Earth you can find them: the ever-present padlocks of love. The most famous...

Serbia's most beautiful town?

Bold words, I am very well aware of that. But that is actually what many locals and surroundals claim. And even international friends of...

The older they get...

The history of Belgrade's district of Dorćol (pronounced Dor-choll) is long and quite complex. Close to the fortress walls this part of...

Monuments for tombstones

A friendly note to begin with: It's not necessarily an easy walk that awaits you at the Šumarice Memorial Park (Memorijalni park...

The "witches" of eastern Serbia

Do you believe in magic? In voodoo, witches and magic spells? Think carefully of your answer while travelling East Serbia since you are...

The home of Serbia’s bohemian

What do guitarist Jimi Hendrix, former German Chancellor Willy Brandt and chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov have in common with the...

Where Belgrade began

It's under the fortress (tvrđava) with its foundations that date back to 400 BC and were continuously overbuilt and expanded by countless...

Serbia's town of doves

Welcome in Golubac, where the evening sun might very well be the brightest of the whole Danube. That shiny quality stems from the small...

Free lowlands and cultural diversity

What makes the province of Vojvodina (derived from Voivode, medieval title for a Slavic military leader) so special within Serbia are two...

Brutalism and the future of the past

"New Belgrade" is not only Belgrade's biggest, but also its greenest district. Plus most of its shopping centers are located here,...

Welcome to Belgrade

Serbia? Siberia...? Syria...!? Many people – especially (US) border guards – occasionally find it difficult to correctly name the nation...

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Why the hell did you stay here?

That's probably the question I get asked most by Serbian people.

A German, from the promised land where life is beautiful and perfect!?

Well, first of all, no. Second of all, since day one I have just felt home here. I first came to Belgrade for a short trip in May 2017, I fell in love with it, came again and eventually stayed. And I started writing travel guide books about the city and the surrounding country. You remember books? Those papery things with the sharp pages?

Anyhoo, after several years it was about time to create a digital (English language!) version of what I have seen, experienced and come to love in Serbia - a country travelers still don't seem to know about.

And that needs to change.

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If you're a German-speaker and you like the feel of paper in your hand when exploring new cities and countries
you can also buy my print publications on Belgrade and Serbia below.

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