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Explore an underestimated destination

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Picnic with bears

Having already spent more than three years in Serbia I don't have to think for long when someone asks what in my opinion is the country's...

Of views and vultures

If you enter the word 'Serbia' into a popular internet search engine, it's probably gonna be a certain natural wonder that pops up on...

Petrified wedding party

Legend has it that a long time ago the area roughly 90 km away from Serbia's third biggest city Niš was inhabited by humble and very...

An Iron Gate made of stone

Wether you call it Donau, Dunav, Danube or Dunărea, the "only“ second largest and longest river in Europe certainly is the most important...

Free lowlands and cultural diversity

What makes the province of Vojvodina (derived from Voivode, medieval title for a Slavic military leader) so special within Serbia are two...

Just a few Serbia numbers

The 2012 Grand Slam finale between Serbian Novak Đoković and Rafael Nadal took 5 hours and 53 minutes – a world record. But Đoković can...

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Why the hell did you stay here?

That's probably the question I get asked most by Serbian people.

A German, from the promised land where life is beautiful and perfect!?

Well, first of all, no. Second of all, since day one I have just felt home here. I first came to Belgrade for a short trip in May 2017, I fell in love with it, came again and eventually stayed. And I started writing travel guide books about the city and the surrounding country. You remember books? Those papery things with the sharp pages?

Anyhoo, after several years it was about time to create a digital (English language!) version of what I have seen, experienced and come to love in Serbia - a country travelers still don't seem to know about.

And that needs to change.

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If you're a German-speaker and you like the feel of paper in your hand when exploring new cities and countries
you can also buy my print publications on Belgrade and Serbia below.

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